Angum Check, Eastern Regional Organizer

Angum is a Black Queer Gender-Free immigrant from Cameroon who was raised in and calls  Prince Georges County, Maryland home. They are passionate about theatre and acting, animated movies, their 10 plants and their cat Arizona. Angum's introduction to organizing as a college first year has led them to the BYP100 staff after almost 4 years in membership. They have gained a variety of experiences from electoral organizing to youth organizing and are excited to continue to build power with their political home! Hit them up at!


Samantha Daley, Development Coordinator

Samantha Daley is a Jamaican, queer Black feminist whose origins in movement are deeply rooted in Reproductive Justice. Samantha was born and raised in South Florida, and currently resides in Miami. She is passionate about all things that are sex positive, herbalism, and champagne socialism. She is also a co-founder of the Carib Healing Collective which aims to heal and connect the Caribbean diaspora through herbalism, affirmation, and political education of Caribbean legacy in both in-person and on digital platforms. Her passion for working with youth, organizing, and building alternative structures has her excited and ready to build resources as the Development Coordinator for BYP 100. Sam is committed to uplifting sex positivity, writing, and enjoys traveling and crating to do lists. You can find her building community, twerkin, or jumping on a plane for her next big adventure. Reach out to her at


Kiera Hereford, Operations Coordinator

Kiera (she/her) is a young, resilient, Black mama with roots stretching from her hometown in Cleveland, OH, by way of Riverdale, GA through Greensboro, North Carolina where she now lives. She serves as BYP100’s Operations Coordinator and contributor to the Healing and Safety Coordinating Council. Kiera balances revolutionary mothering, while volunteering as a full spectrum doula/birth worker, a feisty clinic escort, and the people's childcare facilitator across our movement spaces. As a former board member of the Northeast Greensboro Renaissance Community Co-op, she believes in the power of community and the fact that Black people have everything we need to thrive knowing our ancestors will make sure of it. Kiera is a moon enthusiast, loves consensual hugs, and periodically transforming her home into a personal safe haven. Email:


Hannah Honor, Membership Coordinator

Hannah Imani Honor (she/her/ella) is a social worker, a doula, an educator, an organizer, and a proud Afro-Chicana. Born and raised in Denver, CO, she currently resides in Chicago. Hannah is passionate about working with young folks, particularly Black folx, in working toward liberation in all forms, and is so excited to be BYP100’s Membership Coordinator. She has organized in many facets but loves to work with young people in their identity development and believes that healing practices are critical in organizing work. Hannah is hyper organized and has several planners, loves to read and watch documentaries, and using her KitchenAid mixer to try (and often fail) new recipes. You can reach her at  


Saye Joseph, Policy & Advocacy Manager

Saye (pronounced as sah-yay) is an immigrant from Saint Lucia, a young budding anarchist, policy nerd, and abolitionist working through a Black queer feminist lens. Saye is passionate about creating tangible steps to dismantling the carceral system and institutions that oppress Black communities. She also looks for opportunities to theorize and include in organizing and policy work a globalized lens when speaking about systems of oppression so that we are more reflective of all Black people in the diaspora. Saye loves playing competitive volleyball, watching Korean dramas, trying new food spots, scrolling on IG, traveling, learning new survival skills, and being in the outdoors. Find her on Twitter @sayejoseph23 and Instagram @saytelly, and contact her at!


D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson, National Director

D’atra “Dee Dee” Jackson (she/her) is an organizer, trainer, big sister, and godmother of four. Born and raised in Southwest Philly, she moved to Durham from Miami. She attended Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, the oldest historically black institution for higher learning, where she obtained her B.S. in Recreation & Leisure Management, and Florida International University to obtain her Masters in Recreation and Sports Management. While attending FIU, she became active at the height of the murder of Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman verdict with an organization called Dream Defenders, founding the FIU chapter. Dee Dee is a trainer, leader, and respected party thrower here in Durham. She is currently the Co-Director of Ignite NC, which works with mostly Black, mostly queer, young organizers across to state to shift the culture of organizing in North Carolina.


She is also Co-Founder of the Durham Chapter of Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100). Dee Dee has had her hand in efforts and actions such as bringing Participatory Budgeting to Durham, #DurhamBeyondPolicing, Justice for Reefa campaign, Black Mama’s/Black August Bail Outs, and some that shouldn’t be named. She is an aspiring movement DJ, named DJ MerQueen Gangsta for the Revolution. She is moving through the world with Libra sun, Aquarius rising, and Taurus moon. Contact:


Mariah Monsanto, She Safe We Safe Organizer

Mariah Monsanto is Black femme queer woman, all at once and all of the time. As a double Aquarius and Taurus moon, she is a poet, a proud Hufflepuff, and lover of Black people. Mariah is excited to be the She Safe We Safe fellow because she knows that we are the ones we've been waiting for and that this campaign will get us closer to Black liberation in our lifetime. In her free time, she’s finding herself in books, listening to music, and trying her best to stay in tune whilst singing (please send her some of your playlist! Not your mixtape though). She's barely on Twitter but follow her on there and Instagram at @peaceloveandmo for cat vids and random acts of Blackness. To see how you can be about ending gender-based violence towards Black trans & cis women, girls, femmes, and gender nonconforming folx, hit her inbox at


Ashley Nkadi, Communications Manager

Ashley Nkadi is an unfriendly Black hottie from Cincinnati who believes that we got us and we will win. She also believes that eyebrow maintenance is second to Godliness, and loves her mama, being Bliggity Black, Cardi B, cheese, and potatoes in that order. In addition to serving as the Communication Manager for BYP100, she is a Slytherin, writer, strategist, digital wizard, and crock-pot queen (because she burns anything in a skillet). Catch her at


Courtney Sebring, Creative Communications Director

Courtney Sebring is a young, Black feminist, queer troublemaker and creative from Durham, North Carolina. She is proud to be a grassroots organizer in a community that tears down statues, empties cages, and wins political power. She is committed to a lifetime of centering beauty, joy, and celebration along the way to freedom.  Courtney is thrilled to live into her purpose of building mass power among Black people as the Digital Strategist of BYP100. Courtney is also a self-proclaimed DIY queen, and aspiring curator. When she’s not working, you can probably catch her on Pinterest researching her next project. Hit her up at

Jai' Shavers, Southern Regional Organizer

Jai’ Celestial (He/Him) is a Black and Southern boi with a passion for hitting his lil jig, cooking meals for his fam and keeping your elder’s favorite quotes alive and in the rotation. Born and raised in Baton Rouge and  politicized in New Orleans, Jai' holds over 10 years of training and facilitation experience. He’s been active in organizing campaigns to end criminalization, policing, deportation and confinement since 2013. He’s been an active member of BYP100-New Orleans since 2015. 


When he’s not supporting BYP100 chapters in the South, Jai’ helps foster leadership development of young trans and queer blaq folx through his consulting work. Hit Jai’ up at


Nhawndie Smith, Organizing Director

Nhawndie is a young Black, gender-fluid Carebear that deeply loves their people. They are from many homes across the South & currently reside in the "Bull City" Durham, North Carolina. Nhawndie entered movement during the emergence of the Movement for Black Lives. Through this movement network & the leadership within it they grew as a student of the Black Radical Tradition. They are committed to a Black Queer Feminist praxis that stewards the leadership of more resilient strategists throughout our organizing ecosystems. You can link with them at


Lawrielle West, Midwest Regional Organizer

Waddup doe! Lawrielle is an organizer from the Westside of Detroit. With experience in social work, operations, communications, event planning and grassroots organizing, she's excited to be BYP100's first Midwest Regional Organizer. She's a March Aries that brings her power, directness and passion to the squad, and is ready to name and claim a Midwest Black political identity! Email:


Nzinga West, Managing Director

Nzinga West is a Black mama, auntie, and lover/ally of young people. She currently serves as the Managing Director for BYP100 where she is excited to community build with some of the most brilliant Black minds EVER. Nzinga is a pragmatic dreamer who believes that to truly thrive, we must honor all aspects of who we are, while respecting the lived experiences of those in our village. She is a Cancer and like all good crabs, ruled by the moon. Hit her up at


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